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A Pirate Blogger Looks At 40

Apologies to Jimmy Buffett but today I turned 40 years old. I find myself not worried or bummed out, frankly I'm glad I've made it this far. The only depressing milestone in my life was graduating college.

Not that I have more answers than anyone else but I think one reason that getting older has not bothered me yet is I am not wishing my life away, working in a job I hate and living someplace I don't want to live.

I know people that want to make changes in their lives and have wanted to make changes but have not. Change involves risk and an uncertain result. Some people can overcome this and some cannot.

I think I may be in the middle. I have taken a couple of big risks with regard to not having a job for a while and have no fear of that but before taking those risks I lined up my financial ducks to carry us through much longer than would have been necessary.

Things being what they are it has been a personal priority to not want to waste time. This does not mean I don't believe in working hard and paying dues. I spent my mid-twenties and early-thirties working very hard on a trading desk trying to learn what could and save what I could to get to where I am now. In between there and here I had a bout 18 months with almost no income as I tried to create this current phase of my career.

For anyone with a dream but no plan of action to achieve that dream I would urge you to do whatever you have to to get on the road to making your dream happen. If you are waiting for your next bonus, but you have said that before, recognize what you are doing. To get to where you want to be you will have to give up something. Nothing is free. It may be a bonus or maybe the security of a paycheck or something else.

Change can only come by getting off the pot.

This was a good post, with some good advice for those of us getting older, and not quite doing what we want to be doing.

It is a tough thing to watch your time slip away, and yet, see yourself repeating the same old, day after day.

thank you for visiting the site and your kind comment.

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