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Sox D-Backs

The Red Sox came to Arizona last night and my brother Larry and I went to the game. This was the first time that the Sox played here and will probably be a long time before they come back. Larry got us sunken seats along the third base line, just past the dugout. There was only one row in this section, section S-W, so we were right there.

The Sox pounded them. Julio Lugo, he of the .217 batting average lead off the game with a home run. JD Drew, who's been struggling badly, went berserk with two home runs and a double to knock in seven RBIs. Josh Beckett pitched a great game. He had a lot of heat and a very low pitch count.

It seemed like there were more Red Sox fans there, than D-Backs fans but even if that isn't true the Sox fans were certainly louder. I made the comment to my brother that every transplanted New Englander in our time zone had driven in for this one.

What a great time.